Thursday, April 29, 2010

Out of the Fog

Wow, it has been almost two years since I arrived in Hungary.  It certainly has been an adventure:  getting to know new people, experiencing new sights, learning a new job and growing deeper in my relationship with the Lord. 
While in Hungary I have experienced some of the greatest joy and greatest pain I have ever had in my life.  Yet, I have been comforted by the Lord and he has healed what only he can heal. 
Just yesterday I was reading Duane Elmer’s book Cross-Cultural Servanthood where he talks about being in a fog.  When everything is confusing and just don’t understand what is going on – like it is so often in cross-cultural situations -  I feel that after being in Hungary for almost two years that the fog is finally starting to life and I can see where I am going. 
I can see relationships growing with the students.  It is encouraging to hear students come to me and tell me they loved a book I recommended.  Especially, when I read the book myself and specifically thought of them. I pray that these relationships will only grow in time and lead to deeper spiritual conversations.
I invite you to continue forward with me as I learn what it means to serve Christ at the International School of Budapest and in Budapest as a whole.
I plan on sharing more about my day to day life on this blog so that you can be connected to the ministry at ICSB and learn what it is like to live in Hungary.